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These tours allow the use of personal drones to take amazing photos and video! *Operator conditions apply*

We are making it easier for you to find which organised tours will allow you take your drone. We will show you which ones are OK and which ones have some conditions, and we will let you know how to apply for permission.

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drones allowed We spoke to a few different tourism operators around Australia to gauge their reaction as there seem to be a few differing opinions. The best bet is to contact your tour operator a few days in advance so they can make a decision with their management team. Don’t turn up assuming you can use your drone!

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Ocean Rafting, Airlie Beach

“Absolutely! We love drones and the promotion of Australia’s beautiful Whitsunday Islands”.

Cruise Whitsundays, Airlie Beach

“At this stage, Cruise Whitsundays does not allow drone operation while on our tours, unless by prior arrangement, considered on a case by case basis 30 days prior to travel”

1770 LARC Tours, Agnes Water

“We certainly allow the careful use of drones to capture the beauty of the areas we visit on tour, it’s all good publicity to help promote our region”

Lady Elliot Island, Southern Great Barrier Reef

“Unfortunately our customers can’t fly drones on the island and we’re classed as an airport and therefore subject to a 5.5km exclusion zone”

Reef Magic, Cairns

“‘No for unlicensed pilots - due to the scenic flights that fly in the area and land on the helicopter landing platform. Licensed pilots can fly, with permission from management. Pilots will need to work with our team to ensure no helicopters are in the vicinity during operation”

Whitsunday Catamarans, Airlie Beach

“We always say yes to people who want to bring them along on our tours. As long as they fly them safely it’s a great way to tell the story of what we offer at Whitsunday Catamarans and show off the beauty of the islands”

Adding a drone to your arsenal of film and photographic equipment is a must, when it comes to digital storytelling. Have you bought a drone to Australia and used it? Share your thoughts, stories and images below. Happy flying!
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Top Tips

  • You’ll probably fly on a plane while you’re in the country and CASA regulations state that all batteries must be in your carry-on luggage not checked in. Batteries for most consumer drones are rated below 100Wh (DJI Phantom 4 runs at 81Wh) but if it’s over, you need to inform the airline before flying.
  • When flying on a plane, carry your spare batteries in a LiPo fire-protective pouch to avoid any chance of torching the plane. It’s better for everyone onboard.
  • Australia basks in glorious sunshine most of the year, which means extra-ordinary levels of glare that will affect the quality of your video. Do yourself a favour and buy a selection of ND filters to help reduce it.
  • Don’t chase koalas up trees, kangaroos across paddocks or wombats down their burrow – Australia’s wildlife is unique and needs looking after. Take photos and video with your camera from the ground instead.


    *Drone rules are evolving, and we will update from time to time. This article is for information purposes only and please satisfy yourself of the rules before you fly. This article may not be relied upon as approval to fly.

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We are always adding to our permitted list, check back regularly as more tours embrace dronies!

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