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Port Douglas

​​Choose from a selection of Great Barrier Reef Tours from Port Douglas. You have a choice of visiting Island or platforms right on the reef or spending your day on a boat visiting multiple sites.

Port Douglas is the best location to depart for a tour to the Great Barrier Reef as there is minimal travel time and maximum time at the reef with all tours.

Enjoy a luxurious sunset cruise over the Coral Sea with a collection of canapes, a friendly crew and a spectacular view.

Group Size: 45 ppl max

Visit the Great Barrier Reef's Low Isles, snorkel and take a glass-bottomed boat ride over abundant coral gardens, go on a guided beach walk… more

Group Size: 150 ppl max

Explore the spectacular Outer Barrier Reef with guided snorkel tours, learn more about the reef from the experienced crew, and dine on a… more

Group Size: 46 ppl max

Sail to beautiful Agnicourt Reef aboard the Silversonic; snorkel, dive and explore three pristine areas, enjoy the company of friendly,… more

Group Size: 85 ppl max

Sail to the stunning Great Barrier Reef, snorkel at three sites, learn more about marine life and enjoy a delicious breakfast and… more

Group Size: 90 ppl max

Snorkel and dive for a full day at the Great Barrier Reef's Agincourt Reef.

Group Size: 85 ppl max

Visit the Great Barrier Reef's tranquil Opal Reef to snorkel and swim with vibrant marine species, learn about the heritage site, and enjoy… more

Group Size: 85 ppl max

Cruise to the Heritage Great Barrier Reef, enjoy guided snorkeling, glass-bottom boat tours and a tropical lunch.

Group Size: 30 ppl max

Head to the stunning Agincourt Ribbon Reef, snorkel and dive amidst beautiful marine life, plunge underwater in a semi-submersible vessels… more

Group Size: 450 ppl max

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