Can Anyone Go Scuba Diving?

Both New and Certified Scuba Divers are welcome on all tours. In order to complete an introductory or certified dive all passengers are required to complete a medical questionnaire as there are some medical conditions and medications which can preclude you from being able to Scuba Dive – Some medical conditions will also require you to have completed an Australian Dive Mediccal A4005.1 with a licensed practitioner prior to diving. These include: asthma or wheezing, brain spinal cord or nervous disorder, chronic bronchitis or persistent chest complaint, chronic sinusitis, collapsed lung, diabetes, most chest surgery, epilepsy, fainting, seizures or blackouts, heart disease of any kind, recurrent ear problems when flying, tuberculosis or other long-term lung disease and high blood pressure. Some prescription and non-prescription medications including some malaria prevention tablets may prevent you from diving. If you are unsure of any medications or medical conditions please consult with your doctor – the Australian standard is Dive Medical A4005.1 Please also note the minimum age for scuba diving activities is 12 years (some tours have the minimum set at 10 years if already a qualified diver). Please bring your certification card or divers logbook if you are a qualified scuba diver – the dive supervisor will require to see it before you may participate in certified dives. If you do not have proof of certification, please contact us prior to your trip to avoid disappointment on the day. Finally please be aware that you should not travel to a high altitude (fly or visit a mountain area etc.) within 12 hours of completing a single dive or 18 hours after multiple dives. It is recommended to wait 24 hours, if possible, before doing so.