Swimming with Dolphins in Australia—Where to Experience the Magic?

Jul 07, 2017

Where Can I Swim with Dolphins?

Wherever you are in Australia, you can rest assured that the magic of dolphin swimming is open to you. Every state has at least one magical spot, and we’ve found them.


Port Stephens is home to a unique and exhilarating dolphin swimming experience in which, instead of floating among dolphins as is traditional, swimmers are towed slowly along with them. Dolphin swimming does not get more real than this, moving in time to the majesty of a pod of dolphins.


The Tangalooma Island Resort in Moreton bay gives visitors one of the most complete and professional dolphin experiences possible. Here you can swim with dolphins, feed them, and watch them put on a show for the crowds.

Get close to the dolphins on Moreton Island!
Get close to the dolphins on Moreton Island!

VICTORIA—Port Philip Bay

With dolphins in this bay under threat from extinction, work with various licensed operators in the area to both experience the dolphins and support the local industry that wants to preserve them. It’s a win-win.


With thousands of dolphins inhabiting Gulf St Vincent in Glenelg, the chances of seeing and playing with dolphin pods are very high. So populated is the gulf that simply being hooked to the end of a flotation line will still create an incredibly interactive experience as dolphins begin to gather around you.


Slip on a wetsuit and jump right into the bay. Dolphins in Rockingham are far from shy as well with a greater than 99% success rate of you meeting them.

Tips for Swimming with Dolphins

Once you’ve found your ideal dolphin swimming haven, it’s time to prepare yourself for the experience. We’ve compiled some very important heads up dolphin etiquette for you to consider before you dive in.

TIP 1: Swim with Experts

Make sure to swim with licensed operators around dolphin habitats. This ensures that the habitats are not harmed during the expeditions, and also reduces the chances that the dolphins themselves are harmed directly by swimmers or equipment. Lastly swimming with licensed supervision makes the experience safer for the swimmer themselves.

TIP 2: Swim with Confidence

Try to avoid erratic splashing and instead try to swim with the same smooth motion as the dolphins. Swimming with hands by one’s side also helps facilitate an approach.

TIP 3: Respect the Dolphins

Always keep in mind that you are entering their habitat and thus must treat it and them with complete respect. This ensures that the likelihood of retaliatory bites and bumps is rare and keeps the dolphins calmer (which is better for viewing and swimming).

TIP 4: Do Not Touch

Try to avoid touching the dolphins if possible, firstly to avoid self-injury and secondly to avoid human skin oils harming the dolphin’s environmental immunity. In zoos and aquariums dolphins are medicated against harmful human diseases but this medication is not available to wild dolphins.

TIP 5: Let Them Come to You

Dolphins will always be faster than you in the water so you are wasting energy and time if you try to chase them. Not to mention that it could frighten the creatures. So be patient and let the dolphins approach you on their terms instead of chasing them out of view. The key here is to stay calm, unthreatening, and inviting. Understand that dolphins are independent creatures and will come to you in time.

Hopefully this information will be helpful on your bucket list endeavour. If you are lucky enough to swim with dolphins, then we’d love to know about it on Facebook. Tag @AdventureFreeTours in your dolphin selfies and share the magic with everyone.

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