Videos of the Crown Of Thorns Outbreak - Causes, Effects, Current Action Plan.

Feb 18, 2016

Crown Of Thorns Starfish (COTS) Videos:

The COTS is in Outbreak on the Great Barrier Reef.

The following is a selection of the best videos and documentaries in relation to COTS, the causes, effects, and the current action being taken. For more info on the issue, and how you can help, visit this link:

1. ABC Catalyst - Shown on Free to Air Television in Australia February 9 2016. Video is a holistic presentation on the COTS Outbreak Issue on the Great Barrier Reef - the causes, and current solutions, shows the work of AMPTO (Association of Marine Park Tourism Operators) and AIMS (Australian Institute of Marine Science) to address the outbreak of the COTS. Also if you would like to see QUT’s (Queensland University of Technology) COTSBOT in action its here. ABC (Australian Broadcasting Commission) is Australia’s Government funded channel and Catalyst is ABC’s flagship weekly Science program.

  • 1:30 Human Divers controlling COTS by injection on Green Island - Steve Moon - AMPTO
  • 3:30 COTSBOT - Dr Matthew Dunbabin and Dr Feras Dayoub - Queensland University of Technology.
  • 6:40 - Discovery of new inject able to reduce costs and availability - Lisa Boström Einarsson - James Cook University!
  • 8:20 - Giant Triton Snail - Australian Institute of Marine Science - one of COTS few predators.

2. The LipTV - Thanks guys for your discussion on the ethics of ‘Killer Robots’.

  • 1:35 - Addresses the ethical considerations around a robot autonomously kills an animal - the ethical debate is one that needs to be had.

3. COTSBOTS Detection System - For the artifical intelligence and programming junkies. See how the COTSBOT identifies a COTS before a human has a chance! Just a short video.

4. COTSBOT in action for the robotics junkies! Another short video made by QUT showing the COTSBOT in action, its nimbleness and its injecting arm in action close up.

5. COTSBOT - A more technical video by QUT - what kind of hardware is onboard.

6. Triton Snails eating COTS. Triton Snail populations have dwindled due to harvesting. While they are one of the COTS few predators, they only eat a single COTS per week.

7. COTS panic to the ‘smell’ of Triton Snails! Another option being researched to managing the COTS outbreak. Video shows how COTS can ‘smell’ the Triton Snail, and how this could be used to make COTS leave a Reef. If the smell can be replicated in the lab, potentially COTS can be deterred and scattered from Reefs especially at critical breeding times.